What works best on WorldTourist?

We want to deliver results with this advertising medium so that we can keep your company as a valued sponsorThis is one of the reasons that we prefer to design the sponsor pages for WorldTourist. Years of experience in advertising, and the internet,  and a team approach,  has made us experts in using this new medium.  Remember, it is in our mutual interest that this medium works effectively for you!

Here are a few of the things that we've learned about what does and does not work on the web!

1) This is not a printed brochure! This interactive medium engages  the viewer by letting them select areas of interest. Only WorldTourist lets the viewer select and see things that are of interest to them. WorldTourist is a place for your prospects to go, to learn, and to interact.

2) Large graphics, with minimal text may be the way to make a brochure, but it is not ideal for the internet! Don't lose your customer before he looks! Big  pictures means large picture file sizes and long wait times during the loading process for new picture files. Graphics, although necessary, must be balanced with content that makes the customer interact with the page and web site! We are experts at creating small quick-loading graphics that provide an attractive page without having unreasonable load times. With WorldTourist you can tell your whole story unlimited by brochure size or time constraints. You can even show them the amenities of your facility and area.

3) A web site that shows your area amenities will spawn interaction and participation from the prospective customer! The Internet, unlike print and broadcast media, is a two-way street. By allowing the customer to choose their  location you have a better chance of interacting through Email with someone actually interested in visiting your area!  The customer has in effect sorted himself for your advertisement. Printed brochures and broadcasting  usually fail, with their shotgun advertising approach, in their ability to complete the sale. The main reason is that 99% of those reached with print and broadcast are not truly interested. WorldTourist solves  this   problem because your prospect has already selected your area for a holiday vacation!  Your advertising and Email link will close the sale!

4) Satisfaction Guaranteed! Have you ever taken a disappointing vacation because the area or amenities did not live up to your expectations?  Well, so have a lot of other people that booked trips with travel agents and tour groups. If you want satisfied customers show them what they get so that you can meet their expectations. Let them see your beach-front property, or the rooms, or what ever product or service that you are marketing. Satisfied customers are the key to success! WorldTourist gets the right customer to see your advertising, closes the deal with interaction, solidifies your customers expectations with the right information!

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