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1st "Top" "Home page" (WorldTourist.com) Banner ad $250.00 per month with a 1 year Contract.( $3000.00 - 25% = $2250.00 paid in full 1 year.)

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All contracts @25% off if paid in full. ... 1/2 price does not apply to the Home page!

With the home page ad you also get it in the State and City of your choice at no extra charge!...

"Country and State" Ads.

///////////////EXAMPLE/////////see below////////////////////Country ad would be USA page and State... or other country ....see state "about page" below...../////////////////

WorldTourist.com {home}    ABOUT - YOUR STATE,  CAPITAL CITY   Climate | Destinations | Events | Food | Foreign Visitors | History | Language | Lodging | Maps | Money | Parks | Recreation | Resorts | Seasons | Tours | Contact Us |Travel |Load Thumbnails | Tips | Warnings! ||--Your "State Tourism Ad" Here!

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////EXAMPLE "About" page///////see above///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Country and State banner ads are included in the Country, State and "About State" pages for $150.00 per month 1 year only contract... ($ 1800. 1 year)

Email link ads can be included anywhere on the "about" pages for $20.00 per month 1 year only contract..($ 240.00 1 year). (for instance a lodge in Wyoming may want a email link in the "about" page under "destinations"!

1/2 Price on Banner on- Country and State -banner ads Ad!..SEE BELOW!

All Paid Banner Advertisers, and sites currently renting space, are on a first come grandfather-clause basis. 1st place is based on first come first serve and retained basis!

No logo or link is required at your site, however,  we will reduce the rates (10%) if the contract is paid in full. Re-direction to our site is not necessary!  We also text-link paid banners in the "about page" for the State of residence!  The about page/////////////// example above ///////////////////////////////

Contact sales@worldtourist.com for prices on our opening page!

About page banner ads will be placed at the bottom of the text in the chosen category ; eg.., Destinations - Events -Lodging, etc.

Banner  & Text Link Ads

All ads including the "About Page" Banner or Text ads are place on a first come basis and have grandfather-rights -to the original position, as long as they continue to advertise.   Banner ads are 20x240, we can produce the banner for you, or you can supply it!  Larger and smaller banners are available! Prices are proportional to banner size!


1/2 price thru April 2014.  Sign a advertising contract before May  2014 and  prepay and take 1/2 off these prices.  Does not apply to (home) page, opening or sub-opening ads! (INFO ON  OPENING OR HOME PAGE ADS!  Click here for more info on opening or home page pricing!)

Prices start with a 6 month contract for $38/month , 12 months are $30/ month, 24 month for $25/month.  Email us for great pricing that hits on multiple states or Countries!   Hurry, you could be on the top of our advertising with the first banner!  Position advertising in WorldTourist cannot be purchased, but must be earned with our grandfathering rights clause!  

"About Page" Text-Link ads are $15. per month and an additional $10.00 for extra categories.  For instance, if you are a destination resort with lodging, you could be listed in both the Destination area and the Lodging area!  6 month minimum,  a $12./month for a 1 year contract!

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Non-Paid reciprocal Links

These are for cross-indexing for search-engine reference and done  as time permits!  NOTE:  We do monitor our link placement and you will be dropped if you move the agreed position sometime after initial placement!

Premium Priority (non-paid links) to sites displaying our logo with a link on your main page, ahead of any other Travel directories or sites,  will be the next advertising, in our about pages!  

Premium (non-paid links) to sites, displaying our logo on your sub-main pages, with other links ahead of ours, will be sorted alphabetically.

Normal.  After all banner advertisers, premium priority, and premium listings, come the normal listing at the bottom, in a separate section, sorted alphabetically.




Copy and Paste the HTML code below into Notepad.  Then re-copy and paste into the opening page of your site. (the last step removes formatting codes)!  Place it in your opening page HTML between <body>    </body>  tags!  It must look exactly like the code below!

--------------Begin HTML CODE......do not include this line-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    <TD ALIGN="center">
    <A HREF="http://www.worldtourist.com"><IMG SRC="wtb.gif" HEIGHT="48" WIDTH="120" border="0" ALT="WorldTourist.com Virtual tour for amenities of the world!"></A><BR>
   Link people planning vacations to your Web Site!</A>


-------End HTML CODE   ......do not include this line----------Copy the logo below to your directory and you are done!COPY OUR LOGO and place it in the directory with the index page to your site!

Half price on banner ads if this logo is placed on the top of your web site, visible during opening! Hit F5 to see animation!

  Optional picture (non-animation)!  If you use this picture rename the <IMG SRC="wtb1.gif" .  This is in the 4th line of HTML CODE see above!

To download the logo, just right mouse click on it and select "save picture as" (Internet Explorer) or "save image as" (Netscape Navigator). The HTML code assumes that the logo image file (.gif) is installed in the same directory as your page. If this isn't the case, you'll have to modify the path to point to the correct directory. 

Email us with your site address and 2 line site description and we will add it to your area in World Tourist.com.  You will receive return email about your link locations.  We reserve the right to determine the best location for (free) advertising on our pages!  We may link you multiple times, depending on our evaluation of your site and service!  For instance, if you have, or are, close to an attraction you may be linked in both "accommodations", and "things to see"!

CONTACT US-         CLICK HERE:  Sales@worldtourist.com

  Include your web address, what you are requesting and a two line summary of your site!