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The name New Mexico was from Mexico (Mexitli), title of the Aztec war-god!

Nicknames:  Sunshine, Spanish, The Land of Enchantment.   State Data: Total Area:  122,634 sq. Miles; water, 131 sq. miles.;    Motto:  "Crescit Eundo (It Grows by Going, or It Grows as It goes)."  State Flower: Yucca   Main Rivers: Rio Grande, Canadian, Pecon, San Juan, Little Colorado, Chaco, and Gila.  High plateaus and cut deep canyons rising to high mountains in the central area.  Several large reservoirs;  Elephant Butte and McMillan, Alamogordo Lake, Conchas  Lake.   Mountain Ranges: Mountains include a part of the Sangre de Cristo, and also Sandia, Manzano, San Andres, Oscura, Organ, Hills of Pedernal, White, Sacramento, Guadalupe, San Juan, Jemez, Chusca, and Zuni. Topography: Boundaries:  N., Colorado;  E., Oklahoma, Texas; S., Texas, Mexico; W., Arizona.  Elevation:  Lowest, Red Bluff, 2,876 ft.; highest, North Truchas Peak, 13,306 ft.; average, 5,700 ft.  Agriculture: Large amounts of irrigation.  Wheat is the main crop with hay second.  Also, corn, oats, barley, rye, Kaffir corn, potatoes, various vegetables (especially beans), cotton, broom corn, sugar beets, and fruits (especially apples and peaches).  Livestock (cattle and sheep) and dairy farming.  U.S. Agricultural Experiment Station at State College.  U.S.  Land-Grant College:  New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts at State College.   Manufacturing includes:  Railroad construction and repair, lumber and timber products, and wool.  Petroleum and potash refineries.  Geology:  Minerals: Petroleum, copper, zinc, lead, silver, gold, coal, natural gas and gasoline, and building stone, potash.    Leading Cities: Albuquerque, Santa Fe (capital), Las Vegas, Roswell, Clovis, Raton, Las Cruces, Gallup, and Hobbs.  Also, several Indian villages and pueblos, with a large Indian and Mexican population.

Climate-   Arid regions and deserts in the south. Winters, rainy;  summers, sub-tropical monsoon rains.  Annual rainfall is only about 15 inches.  Ranging from about 6 in the south to 25 to 30 inches in the north.  Warm days and cool nights.  Average annual temperature;  winter 31 degrees, summer 67 degrees; ranging between extremes of 97 degrees above and 13 degrees below zero.

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Food-  Traditional American food in most communities. 

Foreign Visitors-  Foreigners entering the United States must carry two documents: A valid Passport, expiring not less than 6 months prior to the scheduled end of their visit to the U.S.; and a tourist visa obtainable at any American consulate at no charge. Anyone applying for an immigrant's visa must obtain a screening test for the AIDS-HIV virus.  This test does not apply to tourists.  Any visitor with a medical condition that requires treatment with narcotics or with paraphernalia must carry a valid, signed prescription from their doctor.  Travel insurance is optional in the US but required by most car rental companies.  See our link on money conversion for foreign guests.

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Language-  English, Spanish

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Tips-  In the high country early spring and Fall snow storms can catch you unaware, be prepared!  


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