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 Maryland was named in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I of England.

Nicknames:  Old Line, Free State.   State Data:  Motto: "Fatti Maschii, Parole Femini (Manly Deeds, Womanly Words)," this is a modification of the Italian I fatti son maschi e le parole son femini (Deeds are masculine, words are feminine).  State Flower:  Black-eyed Susan.  Main Rivers:  Potomac, lower Susquehanna, Chester, Choptank, Nanticoke, Pocomoke, Patuxent, Wicomico, and Youghiogheny.   Mountain Ranges & Topography:  Fairly level, but varied physical surface, slightly mountainous in the west;  highest peaks, Backbone, Savage, and Negro Mts.  State is almost divided in two parts by the Chesapeake Bay, which cuts severely into the land area.  Washington, D.C., is a small chunk out of middle southwestern side.  It is a most oddly shaped state.  Agriculture: Wheat and corn are the principal crops.  Other crops are hay, oats, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, peas (for canning), strawberries, other vegetables and small fruits.  There is some livestock and dairy farming.  U.S. Agricultural Experiment Station at College Park.  U.S. Land-Grant College:  College of Agriculture of the University of Maryland at College Park. Fishing:  Oysters, crabs, terrapin, clams, and other fish.  Manufacturing includes:  Men's clothing, iron and steel products, copper smelting and refining, meat products, refined petroleum, canned fruits and vegetables, fertilizers, printing and publishing, tin ware, railroad construction and repair, and foundry and machine shop products.  Lumber products (yellow pine, cypress, cedar, red gum, spruce, white pine, hemlock, beech, birch, and maple). Geology: Minerals: Coal, clay products, cement, sand, gravel, stone (granite, limestone, slate, marble, basalt, asbestos, sandstone), and porcelain materials (flint, feldspar, and kaolin).  Leading Cities: 

Climate-   South, mild winters, hot summers; west, cold winters, cool summers.  Average annual temperatures: 48 degrees in the northwest, 57 degrees in the southeast.  Annual rainfall 44 inches. Prevailing westerly winds.

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Food-  Traditional American food in most communities.  Chinese food is also prevalent.

Foreign Visitors-  Foreigners entering the United States must carry two documents: A valid Passport, expiring not less than 6 months prior to the scheduled end of their visit to the U.S.; and a tourist visa obtainable at any American consulate at no charge. Anyone applying for an immigrant's visa must obtain a screening test for the AIDS-HIV virus.  This test does not apply to tourists.  Any visitor with a medical condition that requires treatment with narcotics or with paraphernalia must carry a valid, signed prescription from their doctor.  Travel insurance is optional in the US but required by most car rental companies.  See our link on money conversion for foreign guests.

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Language-  English

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Tips-  In the high country early spring and Fall snow storms can catch you unaware, be prepared!  


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