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Kansas is the name of a Sioux Indian tribe.

Nicknames:  Sunflower, Jayhawk  State Data: Total area: 82,158 sq. miles; water, 384 sq. miles  Motto: Ad Astra per Aspera (To the Stars Through Difficulties)." State Flower:  Sunflower  Main Rivers:  Missouri, Cimarron, Arkansas, Kansas or Kaw, Neosho, Saline, Solomon, Smoky Hill, Osage, and Republican.      Mountain Ranges:  Gradual Ozark elevation in the southeast, excepting the Flint Hills, Central Kansas;  mostly prairie with an altitude of 800 to 1,500 feet.;  Topography:  High bluffs on the Missouri River in the northwest;  Gyp Hills in southwest Kansas.  Western Kansas is mostly high plains with an altitude of over 2,000 feet.  Elevation:  Lowest : Neosho River (in Labette County), 700 feet.; highest, west boundary (Wallace County, 4,135 feet;  average, 2,000 feet.   Agriculture:  Wheat is principal crop and corn is second; also oats, kefir corn, sorghums, alfalfa, hay, potatoes, flax, barley, rye, broom corn, sugar beets, apples, and soy-beans.  Manufacturing includes:  Meat products, flour and grain products, refined petroleum, railroad repair and construction, dairy products, printing, foundry and machine shop products, bakery products, airplane construction, electronics, software. Geology: Minerals: Petroleum, zinc, coal, natural gas lead, salt, stone, cement, clay products, natural gas gasoline, sand, gravel, and gypsum.    Leading Cities: Kansas City, Leavenworth, Lawrence, Emporia, Arkansas City, Salina, Wichita, Topeka (capital), Hutchinson, Atchison, Coffeeville, Parsons, and Pittsburgh.

Climate-   Healthy, winters are fairly mild, summer prairie breezes.  Average annual temperatures between 53 degrees and 56 degrees.  Annual rainfall ranging from 12 to 45 inches from west to east.  Freshets, droughts, tornadoes, like other prairie and high plains states.

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Food-  Traditional American food in most communities.  There is some Basque foods in different areas. Chinese food is also prevalent.

Foreign Visitors-  Foreigners entering the United States must carry two documents: A valid Passport, expiring not less than 6 months prior to the scheduled end of their visit to the U.S.; and a tourist visa obtainable at any American consulate at no charge. Anyone applying for an immigrant's visa must obtain a screening test for the AIDS-HIV virus.  This test does not apply to tourists.  Any visitor with a medical condition that requires treatment with narcotics or with paraphernalia must carry a valid, signed prescription from their doctor.  Travel insurance is optional in the US but required by most car rental companies.  See our link on money conversion for foreign guests.

History-  Between 1541 and 1739 explorers from Spain and France came into the area in search of gold.  In 1803 it became part of the United States being part of the Louisiana Purchase.  In 1854 it was organized as a territory which included the eastern half of Colorado.  There was much division and violence in this state over slavery.  The attack on Lawrence by pro-slavery forces lead to public outcry and the phrase "Bleeding Kansas."  Kansas joined the Union in 1861 as a free state.  After the Civil War (1866) expansion of the railroad system to Kansas and the increasing stream of immigrants, Native Americans were forced to smaller and smaller reservations.  Eventually their removal to Indian Territory (see Oklahoma about pages) forced the final confrontation in the 1870's.  By the 1870's the Kansas cow towns, following the westward expansion of the railroad created town such as Dodge City, Abilene, Caldwell, Newton and Wichita.  Cattle and railroads are still important in Kansas.  Mennonites (religions sect) brought Turkey Red Winter Wheat from Russia in 1874 and it flourished in the Kansas climate.  It has made Kansas one of the leading wheat producing state in the nation. The last century (20th) saw  mining, oil production, the discovery of natural gas and helium, the meat packing industry, automobile manufacturing and the aircraft industry all make giant strides in Kansas.  Kansas is evolving into a more industrial center and has proven friendly to many companies.  Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas in 1897.  Walter P. Chrysler was born in 1875 in Wamego, Kansas.  

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