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Climate-  Low valleys are hot in the summer and mild in the winters.  Most receive snow in the winter.  Higher mountain areas are hot and mostly dry in the summer and cold and wet in the winter.  Temperature variations are more constant in the valleys and higher mountains cool rapidly when the sun sets.  

Idaho (where the sun comes over the mountain), Boise (Gem State)

Idaho is a very diverse state with Desert Areas in the South East and West.  The Area in and around water has been converted to very rich farm land.  The central Idaho area is large rolling hills with often deep valleys.  East central Idaho is the Saw tooth Range of the Rockies.  Much of Idaho is highly mineralized and nearly every kind of Gem Stone is found here.  Central and northern Idaho is very beautiful and well worth a visit.  

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Salmon & Steel-head Fishing at its' best. See the Umpqua River in Oregon for the ultimate vacation! Click Here!

Scenic areas:  Salmon River (Frank Church Wilderness Area)  called the "River of No Return", Most of central and northern Idaho.  

Recreation; Float trips, kayaking, skiing, boating, fishing, swimming, prospecting, rock collecting, hunting, camping, biking just to name a few.  In the winter months snowmobile, and snow skiing are primary sports.

When to go:  April - September are the primary months for summer sports Nov.-Feb for winter sports.

Events-  (Search Idaho Events)  Independence day celebrations abound in Idaho.  The Old time fiddlers Competition happens June 18-22  in Weiser.  

Food-  Traditional American , Basque, Chinese, (Spanish-American)

Foreign Visitors-  Foreigners entering the United States must carry two documents: A valid Passport, expiring not less than 6 months prior to the scheduled end of their visit to the U.S.; and a tourist visa obtainable at any American consulate at no charge. Anyone applying for an immigrant's visa must obtain a screening test for the AIDS-HIV virus.  This test does not apply to tourists.  Any visitor with a medical condition that requires treatment with narcotics or with paraphernalia must carry a valid, signed prescription from their doctor.  Travel insurance is optional in the US but required by most car rental companies.  See our link on money conversion for foreign guests.

History-  (Search Idaho History) The Blackfoot tribe and other native Americans inhabited Idaho before fur trappers from Hudson Bay and The Missouri Fur Company, and the August 12, 1805 arrival of Lewis and Clark. Fort Boise and Fort Hall were established in 1834.  Fort Boise was on the confluence of the Boise and Snake Rivers closer to the towns of  Parma, Roswell, and Fruitland than it is to Boise.  In 1855 Fort Boise was closed because of a massacre of 21 emigrants led by Alexander Ward.  Fort Hall was closed the next summer.  

Language- English, Spanish (Southern Section)

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Money- US Currency - Currency conversion from:

Parks- (Idaho State Parks Search)  (WorldTourist Search Page-Nat. Parks)  

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Seasons- There are four seasons in Idaho.  Lower elevations are less severe in winter and hotter in summer.  Higher elevations have snow most of the winter season.  

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Travel-  You are going to need a car to see much of Idaho.  Public transportation is available in some parts of Boise.  

Tips-  Many of Idaho's secondary highways and roads are through very rough and scenic terrain. If you take your eyes from the road be careful that you don't end up in a river or at the bottom of a canyon!    

Warnings- Higher elevations can receive snow during the spring and fall as well as winter.  If you are traveling these areas be prepared! 

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