- Hawaiian Weddings

Saying "I do" in the islands:   Hawaiian weddings have become very popular and affordable.  If you watch for special ticket prices, it could be more reasonable than some weddings at home.  The tropics have such rich colors that it is almost impossible to take bad pictures!  Take plenty of film, and you should be OK.  Most islands have resorts that offer complete packages.  Do your home work and compare what you get!   Because your wedding party attracts many patrons, they will try to make the wedding as affordable as possible.  However, having said that, you can spend as much as you want!  One package even offers a  release of doves at $100. per bird!  The romance of the tropics includes sights, sounds, and smells.  Imagine,  the red sky of a sunset on a beautiful tropical beach,  the smell of Plumeria blossoms, and the sound of tropical birds.  It just doesn't get more romantic than this!   One benefit, that all enjoy, are several days in paradise!  What a great way to make a memory for your family on your wedding day!   Bonus: No more travel necessary for the honeymoon,  you are there! 

Join us as we show you a wedding, "Hawaiian style":

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