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 About - The Bahamas  (pop. 300,000) are located east of the Florida coast in the Atlantic.  The chain of some 700 islands and 2,400 cays have but 30 inhabited islands.  The islands have very little natural and energy resources and oil storage on the islands is a potential environmental concern.  This was one of the first transatlantic tourist destinations and is today a offshore financial center.  The Bahamas has one of the largest open-registry fleets of which only .2% is owned by Bahamian's.  Economic strengths include financial service sectors with banking and insurance.  Tourism and ship registration are also a major source of funds.  There is increased competition from Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.  The currency is the Bahamian Dollar! Literacy is very good (1) but the educational ranking is (39th).

Climate-  Climate - The Island Chain has typical subtropical climate with mild winters.  Hurricane season is July to December also the months of the most rainfall!  Temperatures  average 65 to 87 degrees F. all year. 

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Food-  Traditional American food in most communities.  Larger locations have some Chinese food.

Foreign Visitors-  Foreigners entering the United States must carry two documents: A valid Passport, expiring not less than 6 months prior to the scheduled end of their visit to the U.S.; and a tourist visa obtainable at any American consulate at no charge. Anyone applying for an immigrant's visa must obtain a screening test for the AIDS-HIV virus.  This test does not apply to tourists.  Any visitor with a medical condition that requires treatment with narcotics or with paraphernalia must carry a valid, signed prescription from their doctor.  Travel insurance is optional in the US but required by most car rental companies.  See our link on money conversion for foreign guests.

History-   Pirate bases in early English history, becoming a former British colony in 1783.  In the roaring twenties (1920's)  prohibition turned the Bahamas into a prosperous bootlegging area.  1975 Independence from Britain.  1976 many shipping companies chose the Bahamian Flag to reduce taxes.   1983 the Bahamian government was besieged by narcotics smuggling scandals. The Bahamas were also a hub for Colombian cocaine traffic into the U.S.. 

Language-  English

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Recreation-  Casinos and beaches the main attraction.  US charters arrive in the afternoon, visitors typically play the night and return home the next day.  The Bahamas is one of the Caribbean's major cruise-ship centers. The water temperate and the warm climate make the beaches and ocean swimming very pleasant.  Tropical fish abound in the coral surrounding the islands. 

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Seasons-   Spring, Summer, Fall, and cool Winter (more about time of the year than the weather)!  

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Travel- getting around the 700 islands spread over 100,000 sq. miles is a problem of giant proportion.  Ferry and seaplane service is on the increase, but still expensive.  In all only 1500 miles of roads exist!


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